Motivation is the key to success because motivation is the ingredient you need to make you take action. It is very obvious, without taking action; you cannot expect any results whether good or bad. 
 Motivation = action = results = success

Even though you get bad results, it’s still good. I will explain that more in this ebook later how bad results are still good results.

It is the law of the universe, that all action will bring results, whether it is a positive result or not. Whatever result it is, if you are a positive thinker, it will always appear as a positive result. 

In fact, there are no bad results, only results that do not match your expectations.

How can this be true!?

For example, if the result appears that you lose $10,000.00 for the action that you have taken because of your motivation, it can still be a good result. You may have learned a very good lesson that could save you $100,000.00 or more in the future!!

It all depends on how you use your mind to think about what will motivate you.

You will not be successful by reading lots of books, listening to audios or attending lots of self-improvement seminars. It is the ACTION that you take that makes you become successful… that is why I say that motivation is the key for you to be successful.

Without motivation, there won’t be action from you. 

And without action, there won’t be results!!!

The results you want in life are linked directly to the motivation you have. If you can imagine your own success, you will be motivated to take action towards it. So, with the actions you take, you will get the results to achieve the success that you want.

But, sometimes, we hold back from taking action.

Which we shouldn’t

By Patric Chan

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