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Nora took me in her SUV, we drove in
silence for a
while, with me wondering if she was
really taking
me to the police station, so I could
see my father.

Then she spoke to me, in words that
shocking to my ears.
Nora: Adeleke, I know you think I
am harsh, or I
dont like you. I understand you are
through a lot of changes since your
mother died,
but you have to trust that I and your
dad are here
for you she said, her eyes on the
road. I was
looking at her the whole time, trying
to see if she
meant what she said. But Nora had
this kind of
face that you could never use to tell
what she was
ruminating, in the recesses of her
Leke: But you lied against me I
said, trying to
figure her out.
Nora: A harmless lie my dear. I did
not want to
worry your dad, he just lost his wife
It sounded
reasonable to me, so that when she
offered me
Ribenna juice, I did not hesitate, I
drank all of it,
and I smiled at her.
When we got to the police station,
my father and
his lawyer were already at the
counter, I rushed
and held him, I had missed him, and
after the
talk with Nora, I attributed all his
new characters
to losing Mother.
Bamidele: My son, I am so sorry for
what you are
going through he said and kissed
my head, my
heart burst with love for him. Then
my world
Nora: You have to let Bamidele go,
confessed to attacking his nanny,
Mary she
threw the bomb and kept her usual
passive face,
like she was not about to destroy my
life forever. I
looked at father, who was staring at
Nora, I
wondered if he also knew about this.
Leke: Father, is that why you
wanted me here? I
Policeman: What kind of mock story
is this? That
this little boy mangled those legs I
Nora: I did not believe him, until I
that his dad had told him he is
she said. I looked to my father, but
he was not
even looking at me, he would not
save me,
nobody would save me. My mother
was dead,
Mary was decapacitated, and my
father had just
turned against me. My life had just
taken a turn
for the worst. The police
immediately seized me,
they took me into their
interrogation room, where
they kept asking me all sorts. While I
was in their
custody, my room at home had been
coincidentally they had found a thick
iron rod,
and also gone through my books. It
seemed the
fact that I read books written by
atheists made
me an evil person, capable of
attacking his
nanny. From the police station, I was
taken to the
hospital where my blood and other
body fluids
were tested. Traces of Zolpidem
were found in my
blood, and it was concluded that I
was mentally
unstable. So instead of being taken
to prison, I
was a child, the court sent me to a
The day I was led into the mental
Father was beside me, but I made
sure no part of
my body touched him. I already
hated him.
Bamidele: It is all for the best son
he said, as
the door closed, locking me in for
ten long years.
In those years, photos of my mother
and the
books I usually read were my succor.
I went into
the mental institution with a plan, I
was going to
be the easiest patient they had,
pretend to take all
my medications; of course I would
not really take
the medications because they made
you crazy if
you are not. So I would always stay
up in my
room reading and talking to my
mothers pictures.
I am sure wherever she was; she
would be
moaning the fate that had befallen
her beloved
One day, Nora came to visit; this was
on my
seventh birthday. She brought cake
which she
shared with the other children
Nora: How are you? she said as we
settled into
a couch in the visitors lounge.
Leke: I know what you did. That
juice you gave
me in the car, which was why that
drug was
found in my blood. I have never
been medicated
before. You lied against me again,
are you going
to tell me now that you were doing
it for my
good? I asked her in a very cold
Nora: I have been selfish, your
father is innocent
of the crime he was accused of, and
he has a
governorship ambition in the
coming election, I
could not let him go down for that.
Would you
have preferred your dad to be
destroyed? she
asked. All the while, my face had
been turned
away, but when I turned to look at
her, the light
fell on an object, a big diamond rock
sat on her
Leke: You are getting married to my
father? I
asked incredulously. It was just
months after my
mothers death.
Nora: You will probably spend your
entire life
here, but you will be well taken care
of, I will take
care of your father and all he has
she said and
walked away swiftly. I got up to
leave for my
room, when I heard my mothers
name mentioned
on television.
News Anchor: Disturbing news
about the death
of FolakeAboderin has emerged just
days after
BamideleAboderins engagement to
society lady,
Nora. A reliable source tells us that
her neck was
slit right inside the Aboderins
mansion. The
question on everyones lips is, did
she slit her
own throat, could she have been
suffering from
mental sickness, seeing as her only
son has been
committed to a mental home I
stood transfixed
as I gazed at the television screen.
Leke: My mothers throat had been
slit? I
whispered in disbelief. I knew for a
fact that she
had not done that to herself, she
loved life too
much to kill herself. She was looking
forward to
Christmas, she was looking forward
to seeing me
grow, and she could not have slit her
own throat.
I went back to my room to ponder
the things I
had heard. I was sure that the same
person, who
killed my mother, also attacked Mary.
What did
the person gain from harming these
women? If I
found the gain, I could find the killer.
Ten Years Later
On my sixteenth birthday, I was
certified normal
and released from the mental home,
straight into
the streets. Many years had passed,
but the pain
in my heart over my mothers
murder had not
been eroded. It was as fresh as it
was, years ago.
My first port of call was my mothers
house, I was sure no one would
recognize me
because, staying put in one place for
years had
taken a toll on my weight. Where I
was a skinny
child, I was now a burly teenager, I
had height
too. I walked into the shiny building,
polished floors that reflected your
image as you
walked, and big chandeliers hanging
from the
high ceilings. I was a bit lost, till I
sighted the
receptionist. She was a pretty lady
with over
toned skin and the longest Brazilian
weave I ever
saw. I was at her desk asking after a
job opening,
when Nora walked in elegantly with
her aides
running after her. She looked the
same as she did
the first time I saw her, ten years
ago. She was
still elegant in face and physique,
and yet still not
beautiful in my eyes.
Leke: Who is that woman? I asked,
careful not to sound interested.
Receptionist: She is the owner of
this place; she
is a powerful woman oh. The
receptionist replied
with delight, she was ready to
divulge all the juicy
details I was sure. I had found my
first informant.
Leke: What of her husband?
Receptionist: Ha he is late oh.
Before he died eh,
he was just like a vegetable,
paralyzed from up to
down. Madam tried during that
period oh. But she
is bouncing back sha she replied,
licking her
mouth like the gossip was sweet. I
was stunned at
first; my father was dead, now I was
truly an
orphan. I did not mourn my father
because I was
not sure of his role in my mothers
So I started as a cleaner in my
company, giving them false names, I
kept my life
as AdelekeAboderin in a box and
resumed life as
Mikhail Samoa, a Ghanaian boy, it
was a low
level job and there were no security
checks. I also
began to go for GCE and JAMB classes
in the
evening, I had my plans, and they
would not work
without a sound formal education.
While I
worked, I found out things about
Nora, how she
lived her life these past years. One
day, I had
gone to check my GCE results and
found out I
aced my papers, it was not a surprise
though. In
the mental home, I had a gateman
smuggle in
books for me to read, so I was almost
studying was a lifeline to me. So
while, I was
celebrating with a few workers in
the lobby, Nora
walked in with her aides.
Nora: What is going on here? she
Receptionist: Sorry maam, Mikhail
just aced his
GCE and JAMB she said. She turned to
me and
Nora: You! My heart skipped a beat.

To be continued

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