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I walked up to her, and stood behind her; I held
her and rested my head on her back. While I had
put on a pair of boxers, Banke was still prancing
around in her birthday suit; she had a beautiful
body though.
Leke: We are a team remember, who else would I
commit this delicate task to, if not you? I said,
infusing a bit of sadness in my voice. She turned
around immediately and held me; all her
reluctance was gone, at the prospect of getting
someone else to do the job.
Banke: But how would I achieve that? she
asked, as a worry frown creased her brow.
Leke: You are a smart girl, you will figure it out
I kissed her forehead; I knew girls loved that
Banke: I will do anything if it would make you
happy she said, kissing me on the lips.
Leke: Be sure to keep this between us, this is our
project, I dont want your sister interfering
Banke: Sure she replied excitedly. It was
weekend, but I did not want to spend it with her. I
Had woken up with an epiphany and I had
decided to start working out. So living in a mental
home made me fat, but I wouldnt stay fat. I
needed to up my game and I wanted the kind of
body men in playboy magazines have. But if I
told Banke I was going to the gym, she would
want to follow me, so I told her I had a class to
Banke: What class? she asked, pouting her lips.
She had obviously planned to stay the whole day
with me.
Leke: A graphics design course I registered for
That got her out of the house and out of my hair.
So, I jogged down to the gym, the cost of
registration here was steep, but with my salary, I
could afford it. I had just walked into the gym,
when I bumped into Prisca, Bankes friend. She
had on a pair of yoga pants, and boy, was she
hot? She was sizzling hot in a pair of thin yoga
pants, and a sports bra. Her body glistened with
sweat drops; it seemed she had been working out
before I came.
Leke: Oh my God I whispered as my jaws
dropped. I did not realize she was this sexy.
Prisca: Mikhail! You are here? she exclaimed
Leke: Yes bae, I am looking to lose some
pounds I said, licking my lips.
Prisca: Let me take you to my personal trainer, he
is the best here she said pulling me by the hand.
My eyes fixed on her perky butt all the way to the
trainer. The trainer, who was a hulk of a man, put
me through intense routines until all my muscles
were sore.
Leke: Prisca, you are the most beautiful girl I
have seen I said as we walked out of the gym.
Prisca: Thanks, but you chose Banke, even when
she was rude to you the first time
Leke: Uhm, actually, she asked me out, and her
sister being my boss and all, I didnt want to get
on her wrong side. It was you I wanted all along,
my heart recognized you the very first time I saw
you I said. Of course it was all lies, sure I had
noticed her the first time, but it was because she
was gazing intently at me, not because my heart
was doing any leaps over her.
Prisca: Hmmn, so what do you want? she asked
as she stopped by a BMW car.
Leke: I still want you I said cautiously, I didnt
want to come across as disloyal to Banke.
Prisca: Not until you ditch Banke, I dont share
she said as she opened the car with a remote
Leke: Come on bae, are you going to put
something as beautiful as us on hold, because of
Banke? I thought you were the confident type who
went after what she wants I said as I pushed her
against the car, and smashed my lips on hers. We
pulled apart, each breathless, and I rushed to
Leke: Am sorry Prisca, I was caught up in the
moment I was not sorry the least, I kissed her
deliberately, but I had to make her think me a
gentleman who was at the mercy of his emotions.
Prisca: I dont know I dont want your girlfriend
to pour hot water on me oh she said twirling a
strand of her hair.
Leke: Will you be my girlfriend? I asked and she
smiled. I knew I had her already.
Prisca: Where are you headed, I could drop you
Leke: Are you ready to go home, I am not, lets
go to a café and catch a few chocolate drinks I
said, even though I knew my salary account was
running low, but I could starve myself to spend a
little time with Prisca. I needed to be sure I had
her. She agreed and we went to Browns Café in
Victoria Island, it was a long drive from Lekki
because, the traffic jam was much. We got to
Browns café at brunch hour, and settled to cakes
and chocolate drinks.
Prisca: I love a guy who likes chocolate she said
as she nibbled on her cake.
Leke: So are you also going to Unilag? I asked
Prisca: I am not interested in University right
now; I want to build my company for a year or
two. University education is not running away I
was floored by her response, she was smart. She
was my dream girl, beauty with brains, but I was
not looking for a partner, I was just looking to
have fun, all the fun I was denied for ten years.
Leke: Cool, what kind of company is that? I
asked passively, like I was not floored.
Prisca: A media company, a blog that I want to
metamorphose into a media empire she replied
Leke: Oh, so what do you blog about?
Prisca: I am pleased that you are this interested,
well, I blog about everything black people, black
celebrities, black people doing wonderful things,
and so on. It is thriving though, I have about
200000 followers, but I am hoping for more
Leke: Hopefully, when I come into my own, you
would promote my fashion brand
Prisca: You are interested in fashion, cool, I
know a couple of fashion institutes I could
recommend for you Thats how we chatted till
the sun went down, and dusk set in. Time flew
and we werent aware, we were so immersed in
our conversation. She was really my dream girl.
But was I ready to give up my plan with Banke for
Prisca? No, I was not, giving up would be like
giving up on my mother. Love could wait, I wasnt
ready. We decided to have dinner, and she offered
to pay, I didnt mind because I was already red.
She ordered gizdodo and asun for both of us, and
we chased it down with glasses of red wine. The
waiter also bought us a bowl of quinoa salad on
the house. It was an understatement to say I had
a wonderful time. It was the first time I had ever
felt alive since leaving the, mental home. I went
home satisfied, but guilty.
It was a month after that encounter, I was having
sex regularly with Banke, but Prisca was not
giving me any. Nevertheless, whenever we met, it
was intellectual orgasm, and I was not cool with
just that. We made out a lot and just when I was
really getting into it, she would pull away. I was
beginning to see her as a tease, but I could not
stay away. Banke on the other hand was yet to
find a way to get close to Nora, she was more
interested in spending nights in my apartment. I
was beginning to wonder why her sister had no
control over her. My phone was filled with nude
pictures of Banke, which she had sent through
whatsapp. The girl had no chill at all.
I was working on a prototype, I had learnt a lot
from Kunmi since being here, so my prototypes
were better. Nora had no time for the business, if
not for Kunmi, the brand would have been
relegated to the background. In spite of Kunmis
advice, she refused to organize another collection
launch. I guess she was scared that something
might happen again, I guess she knew someone
was on to her. Banke walked in, with a wide grin
on her face.
Banke: Bae, I found the perfect way to enter Mrs.
Aboderine she said.
Leke: Great, let me hear it I said as I stood up
from my chair to come stand before her.
Banke: I will be her personal assistant! she
exclaimed like she had discovered the way to the
Leke: How are you going to convince her to take
you on as her personal secretary?
Banke: I already did, through my sister. I resume
tomorrow! Yaay! she exclaimed joyfully. I
embraced her, I was excited myself. Finally my
plan was beginning to move forward.
Leke: You came through for me, I love you I
said without meaning a word I said.
Banke: I love you too boo she kissed me, just as
Kunmi walked in.
Kunmi: Keep your romance out of our offices, is
this the reason you wanted to work here? she
said feigning anger.
Banke: Come on, sister. Mikhail loves me, and I
love him too
Kunmi: Eeew, young love, so irritating she
teased and left the office.
Leke: We have got to be more careful now, what
if it had been the missus? I asked, not the least
pleased with Kunmi knowing about the
During Lunch break, Banke offered to treat me to
lunch, we were on our way out when we bumped
into Nora; she was just alighting from her car.
Nora: How are you Mikhail I was surprised she
remembered the alias. I was about to reply when I
heard my real name, in Marys voice.
Mary: Leke! she called. Nora turned, her face
was ashen, she had gone pale like she was going
to faint.

To be continued

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