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I froze, and held on to Bankes hand tightly. But
Mary had seen my face and seen Nora. She
quickly began acting a script I am sure she did
not write.
Mary: Leke, Leke wont allow me rest. I see him
everywhere I go, he wont allow me rest, I want to
talk she said acting like she was psycho. Nora
did not mind that we were standing there, perhaps
she did not remember, in her state of confusion.
She rushed at Mary and pushed her to the ground
and began to wrestle her. I discreetly brought out
my android phone and began to video all I was
Nora: How dare you show your face here? Do
you want to die? Dont you dare mention that
name near me, dont you dare say a word to
anybody she yelled on top of her voice. Her aides
had heard of the altercation by people going into
the fashion house, they ran out to separate her
from Mary. I simply put the phone in my pocket
and watched. Mary had bruises all over her face
from fingernail scratches.
Mary: I am no longer scared, I need my peace. I
must talk! she wailed.
Nora: Get that woman! she yelled to one of her
aides. I moved at the same time that the aide
moved, and we both collided into each other, our
head meet in a knock. We both held our heads in
agony, by the time we turned, Mary had gone.
That had been my intent, and Nora was staring
directly at me. My heart caught in my chest, I was
afraid she knew what I did.
Nora: Why did you move, could you have caught
her? she asked, her eyes fiery. I was not bothered
by her anger, she only thought I was being
overzealous, my true intent was hidden from her.
Leke: I am sorry maam I said.
Nora: Look now, you have hurt yourself she
said. I was not surprised that she had a soft spot
for me; it has been a long time coming. Since I
started my gym routine, I looked better, where
there had been fat, there was muscle. So, I knew
a worldly woman like her would be tripping. I
apologized and quickly excused myself.
I watched the video more times than I could
count, and I was convinced that I was on the
path of truth. I could not wait for Banke to start
bringing evidences. I called Prisca and told her I
had breaking news, one that had not appeared
on any other blog. She agreed to meet for lunch
the next day. I was happy, but the problem was
how to avoid Banke during lunch. I only hoped
that her new job would weigh her down during
The next day, as soon as it was lunch break, I
rushed out of the office, but walked straight into
Banke coming up the stairs.
Banke: Where are you going to, in such a hurry?
she asked with her eye brows up.
Leke: I have a class, the design course I said.
Banke: Can it wait, I have got something she
said as she pulled out her phone, she asked me to
switch on my Bluetooth, which I did. A video
entered my phone, I opened it to watch. It was
Nora in her office making a call, she was saying;
Nora: Everything I did, I did for you. I gave you
the life you wanted and yet you married someone
else. Do you know what it took to give you what
you now enjoy? I can remove you from that
position, if I choose she was saying. I turned to
Banke and smiled.
Leke: This is really good, how did you get it?
Banke: Her phone rang, and she asked me to
leave the office, I knew it would be juicy. So I left,
but not before dropping my phone with the video
running she said cockishly. I embraced her and
planted a kiss on her fore head; I was truly
appreciative of this. I could feel I was getting
Leke: It is exciting, isnt it?
Banke: Super exciting, I should start a blog you
know, spy on celebrities she replied, her eyes
alive with excitement.
Leke: But you are going to the university I said,
didnt want anyone intruding on Priscas turf. I
was really beginning to have tender feelings
towards her.
Banke: Of course I am just wishing. Prisca does
blogging, what does she get from it? she
scoffed. I felt like hitting her for making mockery
of Prisca.
Leke: Dont talk about your friend, like that I
said, and she flipped me off.
Banke: So we will see this evening?
Leke: Sure, there is something I want you to do
I kissed her on the fore head and hurried away.
Prisca had sent me a text; she was already at
Browns café waiting for me. I had arranged for a
uber ride as I was descending the stairs, just
before I met Banke. I hopped into it, and it drove
me straight to the café. Prisca was sitting in a
secluded booth, her laptop open before her, and a
cup of latte on the table.
Leke: Hello sweet I kissed her hair as I sat
Prisca: Quick question, are you still seeing
Banke? she asked the minute I sat across her.
Leke: Wow, did you dream of her last night?
Prisca: I dreamed of you instead. I am really
beginning to fall for you, and I need to know if
you are down with me. Seriously I dont want
emotional distress she said matter-of-factly
Leke: I am no longer seeing her. I brought you a
video, I think it will drive traffic to your blog I
said changing the subject immediately, as I
slipped out my phone. She watched the video and
was impressed.
Prisca: This is hot! But how come, you are
making videos of your boss
Leke: It is newsworthy, the question is what is
between her and that lady, why was she intent on
silencing her. These are questions you should
ask, you are not curious enough. You should hire
a curious paparazzi if you cant go around,
sourcing for news
Prisca: You are amazing she said, staring into
my eyes.
That evening, even though I would have loved to
spend it with Prisca, I called Banke to come to the
house. She even brought food she had cooked.
Leke: You even have time to cook? I asked
surprised, when she opened the thermos flask.
Banke: My job is not really tasking she smiled
Leke: What about our project. I need you to
follow the missus around. Did you see what
happened today, Missus has something to hide,
something juicy. Think of how big this
documentary is going to be and what we both
can get from it. Our wedding will be in Dubai
because we can afford it, with the proceeds from
this documentary I said, deliberately bringing up
the marriage angle.
Banke: Oh my God Mikhail, that is so romantic
she leaned into me for a kiss. But I stylishly pulled
away, because if I give in, we would go many
rounds before Banke is satisfied, and I really
needed her to focus.
Leke: Because of what we have to achieve, I
want us to up our game. I will give you a tablet to
put in her coffee when you serve her tomorrow
Banke: Oh Mikhail, this is getting dangerous.
What if I get caught, besides, what is that?
Leke: It wont harm her, trust me. It will only
make her uninhibited. We need to know what is
up with that drama of today, time is running out
Banke: If you say so she said. I smiled in my
heart; I was going to give Nora a dose of her own
medicine, not literally. When I was six, Nora had
come to take me from the hospital where I went to
see Mary, and she had put something in the juice
she gave me. That is the reason Zolpidem , was
found in my blood work. I had however found out
the effects of Zolpidem, and hallucination was
one of them. I put the little tablet in an envelope
and gave it to Banke before she left.
Throughout the night I could not sleep, I was
anticipating tomorrow. I knew the works of
Zolpidem, so I knew the canary will sing, but what
would she say? Would I be right? I was also
scared that things could go wrong, Banke could
be caught. In all my anticipation of the next day, I
did not anticipate what finally happened.
The next morning, I was up early, did a little
weight lifting, bathe and dressed up. I was going
to commute from Lekki to Victoria Island where
the fashion house was located. Kunmi was
already at the office, I watched her as she worked
with her team on a bespoke dress, which was
draped on a mannequin. It was past eleven before
Nora came into the house. She had big eye bags
like she did not sleep.
Nora: Banke! I heard her call, down the hall.
Where the hell did Banke go? I walked to her
office which was the outer office before you got
to Noras office. I searched in her bag and
fortunately saw the envelope I had given her the
night before. I slipped the little tablet into my
pocket and proceeded into Noras office.
Leke: Good morning maam, I am not sure Banke
is in the office. Is there something you needed? I
asked politely.
Nora: I had a board meeting at the oil company,
all through the night. Please brew me a cup of
coffee she said. I walked straight to the coffee
maker and poured in some coffee beans and
threw in the tablet before I brewed. After it was
made, I poured into a cup and gave it to her. She
sipped it like she was a vampire drinking blood. It
was the Zolpidem, she was probably misusing
some drugs. After a while, her eyes rolled back in
her head. She stood up, and began to point at
me. I brought out my phone and began to film.

To be continued

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