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Nora: Adeleke, you just could not stay in the
mental home, could you? You think you can get
back all I have taken? You lie my dear. I have
gone too far to give up now.
Do you know? I
attacked Mary, and framed you for it. She could
have saved you; but I bribed her with
rehabilitating her legs, and she did not care about
you. Was she not pretending like she could
protect you? Nora said, laughing hysterically.
Leke: I know about that
Nora: You know, so why are you still here, you
should go hide because you cant defeat me. Even
your father knows
Leke: You killed him too, didnt you and my
mother too But Nora didnt answer, her eyes had
rolled back again into her head, she slumped on
a couch in the office and zonked out. I slipped
the phone into my pocket. This was good, but not
good enough, she had not given me the real gist,
but this could get her jail term. Now that things
were beginning to play out, I was patient; I didnt
want to make a mistake. As I walked out of the
office, I bumped into Banke, I pulled her away to
my office, where she flung her hand away.
Leke: She is sleeping; she looked for you but
didnt find you. Where were you, you had a job to
do, and couldnt do it
Banke: Dont even talk to me in that
condescending tone. You have the audacity to
date two friends? My heart skipped a bit.
Leke: What are you talking about?
Banke: You know damn right what I am talking
about. I saw the video you made yesterday on
Priscas blog, and when I asked her, she told me
you gave her. I didnt know you were talking with
her she said her cheeks flaming with fury. I
stayed quiet composing my thoughts, all my
plans since I came out of the mental home was
on the line if I did not convince Banke of my
loyalty to her.
Leke: And you just concluded I was dating her. I
stumbled on her blog and I needed some cash to
purchase the drug we would use in our project.
You have done so much for us that I didnt want
to ask you for money. I sold the video to Prisca
Banke: I will ask her and if you are lying…” I did
not let her finish.
Leke: Ssh, dont say it. Something you dont
know is that Prisca has eyes for me, if you give
her the impression that we are not firm, she will
go after me. Is that what you want? Her
confidence began to waver, she was sure I was
cheating on her before, but now, she was not
sure. And she was not ready to let her friend know
there was trouble in paradise.
Banke: I am sorry for doubting you; I dont know
what I was thinking she said and embraced me.
Leke: Promise me we will not have this
conversation again I said firmly
Banke: I promise baby she said earnestly.
Leke: Now go wake your boss I said and walked
away to my office, thanking the stars that I had
taken care of the issue. But I couldnt help but
wonder what would have happened if she had
really believed I was cheating on her, she
definitely would have destroyed all I had taken
time to build.
Leke: The bitch! She was already threatening me,
after she will say she loves me I muttered under
my breath. The anger overcame me, I was mad at
her for thinking she could hold me to ransom; she
had forgotten one little detail. I had her nudes,
and the day she hurts me, I will make sure her
image is tarnished forever. The thought of the ace
I had over her calmed me, and I could settle
again to work.
Before lunch the video of Nora straddling Mary
and threatening her not to confess had gone
viral. The human resource department was
running helter skelter, trying to salvage the
situation, and all the while, Nora was sleeping
under the inducement of Zolpidem. No one could
wake her up. The phone lines were buzzing with
reporters wanting to ask one question or the
other. By the time Nora woke, the question on
everyones lips was; What did Nora have to hide,
and who was Mary?
By the next day, the media had dug out the attack
on Mary ten years ago, and how I was thrown
into the mental home for it. People began to
wonder if the child might have been innocent, and
if Nora was in fact responsible for the attack on
Mary. Among their musings was the question of
how Mary managed to rehabilitate her leg, if she
was just a nanny at the time. People began to
connect two and two. I checked Priscas blog,
and began to read the comments on the video,
people rained curses on Nora for framing a child
for the crime he did not commit. This was my
second best day since leaving the mental home, I
was practically bubbling. I walked by Noras office
and Banke was at the secretarys table.
Leke: What is happening here Banks, hope your
ears and your camera are open to receive
Banke: This project is beginning to seem like it is
aimed at destroying the boss. You should not
have sent that video she said.
Leke: I told you, its just a onetime thing.
Besides, dont you want to know the kind of
person she is?
Banke: We have all got secrets, leave her to hers.
She is going out of her mind, I feel bad for her
Leke: If you want to feel bad, feel bad for the
people whose lives she has destroyed! I said
vehemently, banging the desk before me. Banke
shuddered in fright; she stood up and walked
away in a hurry. I shoved my fingers through my
hair, I could not believe I had lost control, but I
really felt like shaking sense into Banke. How
could she pity Nora, did Nora pity me when she
killed my mother and sent me to a mental home
for something she did? I needed to calm myself,
and since I was not doing anything, I left the
office. I called Prisca on the way and she told me
she was not busy, so we agreed to meet up at our
favorite Browns café. I arranged an Uber ride on
my phone, and in two minutes the cab arrived.
At the Browns Café, Prisca was not there yet, so I
ordered my favorite chocolate drink poured on ice
rocks. As I took the first drink, I felt it cool its way
down my oesophagus to my stomach, I felt
calmness return to my body. It was just in time
for Prisca arrival, I watched her as she wormed
her way through the café which was crowded at
this time. The morning gym routines were paying
off, her curves were more defined, I could see her
toned arms in the sleeveless sundress she wore. I
realized I was falling in love with Prisca, she was
the only one I wanted to talk to when am upset, I
felt happy whenever I thought of her. But how
could I tell her that what she knows about me are
all lies?
Prisca: Hello bae she said and kissed me on the
lips as she came to where I was sitting. She went
ahead and wrapped her arms around me, resting
her head on mine.
Leke: I can feel so much love from you, is it our
anniversary yet? I teased.
Prisca: Silly, you are amazing, I just hit 1 million
followers today, I already have deals on my table.
I am rich!
Leke: Werent you rich before?
Prisca: That was my parents money, this is
mine. I am officially a business woman, and it is
all thanks to you. I love you she kissed my head.
Leke: What will you have?
Prisca: Order anything, and then I want to show
you where I live she said. My heart leaped for
joy, she was finally letting me into her life. And I
knew that today would be the day she gave her
body to me. But luck was not on my side as things
turned around for the worst. I was signaling the
waiter to come when I saw Banke approaching us,
her face was contorted in fury and I knew that I
was going to lose Prisca today.
Banke: You bitch! she said and hit Prisca across
the face.
Prisca: Banke, what is the meaning of this?
Banke: You are here, kissing and smooching my
boyfriend, and you ask me questions? she
asked, ready to give Prisca another slap but I held
her hand.
Leke: Why do you have to me create scenes, do
you thrive on drama? I asked her. I saw the hurt
in her eyes, as they well over with tears.
Banke: After everything I have done for you?
This, What does she have that I dont? she
asked jerking me by the shirt. Prisca raised her
eyes to me, I saw the hurt, I had hurt the girl I
loved the most. I saw the security men
approaching us, and tried to detangle Bankes
hands from my shirt, but her grip was firm. Prisca
shook her head and walked away just as the
security men reached us.
Security: Please you have to leave now one
said. The shame burned on my face, and the
anger slowly began to seep back in. I shoved
Banke, and she fell backward to the floor, then I
left the café. Banke had destroyed my love nest
with Prisca; I would never be able to return to
Browns café.
Unknown to me, Banke had gone straight to the
office, from the café and to Nora. She had met
Nora when she was brainstorming with her aides,
trying to ascertain who made the video, and how
it was disseminated.
Banke: I know who you are looking for, it is
Mikhail she said standing before them. Her face
stained with tears and her mascara running down
her face.

To be continued

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