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Ø Your degree of self-confidence is what determines how positive your attitude really is, and self-confidence is based on your belief in yourself and your ability.
It is based on faith, or knowing that things are going to work out in the long run, no matter how distressing they appear to be in the short run.
Ø Right from the beginning, you can choose to be positive and constructive in dealing with any adversity. You can sit down and think through the situation and then begin to deal with it one oil barrel at a time
Ø When you visualize a positive outcome, if you think about it and see it and feel it and sense it in every respect, you begin to exert a powerful magnetic force that brings the desired goal or outcome into reality. In effect, you control life and your destiny through the vivid mental images and hold in your mind on a continuous basis
Ø The only real antidote to fear, worry, anger and doubt is positive action towards the achievement of some worthwhile idea

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