The first factor that is stopping you from taking action is F-E-A-R, which I’ll interpret as F-false E-evidence A-appearing R-real.

This is the #1 killer of all motivation.

When you have fear inside you, all your motivation will disappear because your mind will only be focusing on the fear that you have.

 Now, look back to what the fear is that you actually have which is real in your life that’s stopping you from taking action. Is there any ‘real’ fear, or just what you thought was fear?

There is a difference between a real fear and a fear that you create in your mind.

A real fear is something that you don’t like that is guaranteed to happen and a fake fear is something that you think will happen but it is not confirmed.

What is the worst consequence you will face if you believe this fact is true? 

Can this fear of yours harm you?

In what way can it harm you? Mentally, emotionally or physically?

Let’s say, if you have the fear that you will not make money if you quit your job, what will happen next?

Maybe, you don’t have your nice car to drive anymore. So what? Can you settle for a less expensive car?

What other fear might you have if you don’t have money?

Fear of losing your friends if you don’t have anymore money?

Well honestly, I wouldn’t want to have those kinds of friends anyway. This will prove to you who are your real friends, and who are those that come to you because of your possessions or money.

I know this ebook was not created to cover or explain friendship, but I need to elaborate further here, as I think friendship is a very, very important value.

If let’s say, you are locked in a jail in... hmmmm…somewhere outside of your country. 

Who will you call that you think will fly over to bail you out of the prison?

Those people that you think you can rely on to call for help -- are the real friends that you can count on. And you will be a very fortunate person if you have a handful of these types of friends.

I personally have only 5 of those friends (which is a handful), and I always appreciate their friendship more than anything else. 

Ok, ok… I’m slipping off topic right now. 

Let’s get back to fear and motivation.

Maybe you might have the fear that your wife will not love you anymore if you quit your job and lose your money.

I’m not asking a wife to love a financially broke man, but if your intention is good, and you try to make more money to live a better life with her but you somehow do not achieve the results and end up financially broke…..

Should your wife stay and support you? I would say yes, as long as you will try again and will learn from the results you got. That is the type of support you want from your love partner.

The list goes on and on of the examples of what will happen if you don’t have money. I hope you have got the picture about this by now.

I can give you millions of examples, but I don’t think that’s necessary.

You see, my friend, the fear you have may actually turn out to be nothing to worry about because it’s normal for someone to have fear that stops them from doing something. That is your mind telling you, 

‘If I do this, what will happen next?’

It’s your bodies system to ‘protect’ you from being hurt emotionally or physically. 

Each time you have a fear of something; ask yourself, what is the consequence? From that specific consequence, ask this question: 

So What?

So what? So what will happen next if the fear is real?

You can agree or not, but it will end up nothing BIG as long as you are a positive thinker and know what the right thing to do next is. 

There are 6 main types of fear taught by Napoleon Hill author of Think And
Grow Rich,

Fear of lack of money

Fear of criticism

Fear of lack of love

Fear of old age

Fear of bad health

Fear of death

Fear may be stopping you from being motivated every time without YOU realizing it at all. It creeps up on you and stays there as long as you do not bring up your courage to meet up with ‘him’ and say,

‘Hey, I’m not going to let you stop me anymore, but I will use you to encourage me to take action!’

You can learn more about this by reading the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. 

I’m repeating again that fear is a normal feeling for everyone. It’s your default ‘system’ to protect you from being hurt.
So, don’t worry if you have fear.

That’s why, it’s very important to identify how real the fear is or is the fear you have only in your imagination? Once you can identify this, you will be able to evaluate whether the consequence of your action is worth the risk.

I will not be covering the FEAR topic here as fear itself is a very large topic that may take hours just to make you understand how to overcome it. I would like to stress here again, the key to success is in taking action by using your motivation to take the first step.

If your motivation is stronger than your fear, you will be able to take action without worrying about the consequences.

However, I’m not advocating for you to ignore the fear you have, but to use fear as a motivator to help you. Fear will always be there, it just depends on how you wish to translate the purpose of the fear you have. You must make a proper judgment of the consequences as well, before you take action against your fear.

If the fear is real, you may want to consider it several times before making  your decision.


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