THE DIAMOND IN YOU - Welcome to My Woven Words


Do you think that there is something deposited inside you?
Have you discovered that you possess something within you?
Until you discover who you are, you will never make a mark in destiny.
Do you know there is a seed that will produce good fruit in you?
Rise up! Don’t allow the conditions of life to disturb you from discovering the potentials in you.
The power to dominate the potentials is in you.
The power to dominate the circumstances of life had been placed inside you before you were born if you make effort to know that there are many things inside you to a great height.
Discovering the plans in you will help you to plan your future wisely.
Try to discover the reasonable and useful potentials that you possess.
Finally, if you fail to discover the potentials that you possess for greatness within you, the you have not fulfilled your coming to the world.
So, discover these things inside you today and make use of them so as to achieve your maximum aim.

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