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Uncertainty makes you lose your confidence level.

You will have a lot of doubts that start with IF……

But realize this about ‘if’s’, it’s only an ‘if’, so it means that it is not real or materialized yet.

If you are uncertain, my advice to you is, DON’T take action until you are certain of the outcome!

Have you ever joined any competition? Especially in sports? If you see your opponent as someone who is going to win, what will happen? You will feel uncertain about yourself and the next thing you know, you are already not motivated to compete. You will feel very inferior.

You will ‘lose’ before you begin to compete in your mind.

You will suffer a poor result as you will be doing it for the sake of doing it, not because you are motivated to achieve the results. It is a very big difference between doing something because you want to do it versus forcing yourself to do it. Make sure you are certain before you take action.

You can be certain by using the power of pain and pleasure to motivate yourself correctly.

That’s why, all motivated people are confident people as they are certain about what they are about to do. They are certain about what they want to achieve.

They are confident in achieving the results they want from the action that they will take. When your mind and actions are congruent, your motivation will increase to achieve your results.

Do you watch basketball?

If you watch basketball, you should know Michael Jordan.
Observe when he walks to the basketball court. Does he look confident and motivated to play?

Look at Michael Jordan when he is shooting the basketball into the rim. What does he look like at that moment in time? I have noticed that he is very confident when he shoots it. When he’s confident, I’m so sure he will be able to perform better in his game.

When you are certain, you are motivated because you know the outcome will be the outcome you want.

By Patric Chan

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