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 What is actually is Motivation all about and how important is it?

In my personal understanding, it’s a very powerful feeling that can influence you to take action to achieve your desired results or to avoid the painful results that you don’t want in your life.

Everyone has their own motivation. Some of them have motivation, but do not realize how to use it.

Why would you need to have motivation more than anything else if you want to be successful?

Without positive motivation there won’t be anything to ‘push’ you towards achieving what you want right now. Let’s say you are driving a car, you will need fuel to start your engine and to continue ensuring the car’s engine will run. Motivation acts like fuel, not to a car, but to your attitude to take action.

Just like the fuel acts as an energy source to a car, motivation acts as the ‘flame’ to burn your desire for success. 

This is the reason why you need to know how to be motivated every time so that it will encourage you to take action. 

Motivation is more often spoken about than done. It’s so common to hear people say that they are motivated or know how to motivate their friends and staff. I smile when I hear those claims because I know how tough is to have and create motivation if you do not know the exact ways to trigger it.

Once you can do it, you need to practice it. Lastly, you have to master the strategies of motivation to be successful.

Reading books and attending motivational seminars

You can read a book or attend a motivational seminar to become motivated for a week or so, but will it be long lasting? How long does it last?

Unfortunately, the truth is, you need consistent motivation.

Motivation is like taking a shower. You need to take a shower every day, (unless you are a dirty chap!) right? That is how motivation works; you need to have it each day!

Motivation is not a feeling that you should have only when you want to achieve something, but a feeling that is always within you consistently. It has to be a natural feeling that will help you in your daily activities of life. If you do not know the strategies for motivation and force yourself to be motivated, this will only make you feel uncomfortable and remain ineffective.

The problem with attending all-hype motivational seminars is that you need to attend over and over again to keep your motivation pumped up.

Why? Most seminars will make you motivated at the time, but NOT teach you HOW to be motivated.

The next thing you know, you might end up becoming a seminar junkie if you continue attending without understanding how to use the tools taught in the seminars.

It’s not really that useful to have motivation that only lasts for a day or a week. It would be better if you know how to motivate yourself, without the external influencer or factor.

This way, it is not only convenient, but it will save you a lot of your time and money. And, of course, if you can do that, you can help others to be motivated as well with your motivation methods.

What I’m going to show and tell you is, not just how to make you be motivated right now, but the methods you can apply to yourself consistently by using your own thoughts to regularly trigger it.

But, I have to warn you that if you take these strategies lightly, you may be disappointed. 
Why? Because you need a lot of practice to master these strategies. In the beginning, you might not be able to motivate yourself easily. However, after some time practicing these tools regularly; you should be able to master it.

By Patric Chan

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