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I had once heard of a child of nobody,
Who later become a renowned somebody.
Albert Einstein was once the class dullest,
But later recorded as the world brightest.

Ben Carson was once regarded as nonentity,
But he later esteemed as a celebrity.
And Barrack Obama, who is now being celebrated,
Was formerly scorned and humiliated.

Certainly, Life is a matter of time.

That you look like a beggar,
Not necessarily mean you can’t be a pillar.
Even if you sometimes score zero,
Doesn’t mean you can’t be a hero.
That everything seems rough and tight,
Doesn’t mean your future is not right and bright.
At times, when you are driven to the wall,
Just strive hard in order not to fall.

Since success in life is just a matter of time.

Therefore, neither be in a haste nor in a hurry,
Even if success depends on accuracy and capacity.
If your life experience now is disappointment,
Doesn’t connote you can’t be rewarded with an appointment.
Even if your endeavors bring fruitless effort,
Your consistency and persistency can bear fruitful result.
Remember, anxiety in life can make one to be deformed,
But through hard work and prayer, one can easily be transformed.

Since everything is a matter of time.

Thus, don’t succumb to any devastating condition,
As you will soon be crowned with a pleasant position.
Remember, there is always a long pleasure,
At the end of every tunnel of pressure.
Therefore, erase the terrible picture,
That the world is painting on your colourful future.
Your obstacles can turn into miracles,
And your barriers can bring wonders.
Wait for God’s time, things are made comfortable.

Ogedengbe Tolulope

Ogedengbe Tolulope is a native of Ilesa, Osun
State. He was born over two decades ago to the renowned extended family of Ogedengbe Agbogungboro in Ijesa land. He is currently a student of the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo
University        Ile-Ife       studying       Chemical
Engineering. His hobbies are pen writing and

Poet’s Note
The poem entitled “A matter of time” describing life’s success as a matter of time. The poem depicts that no condition is permanent and when it comes to succeeding in life, there are no late comers. Conclusively, no matter how the present condition, we should not give up in life.

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