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You'll never become financially successful trading time for money. As my mentor Mark Victor Hansen, co-author of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” mega-bestselling book series, says, “JOB stands for just over broke.  What you want is an
MBA, a massive bank account.” 

Robert Allen, author of four New York Times List best sellers including my favorite “Multiple Streams of Income”, is another one of my mentors.  Robert says that wealth comes from these four areas; real estate, stock market, information products and the Internet. 

Action Step Create a New Income Stream

Start with one of these areas and after it is up and running, add another stream of income.  There are several individual streams of income in each of these categories. You want to create as many streams of passive income as you can so you no longer have to trade hours for dollars. This is the quickest route to financial freedom.

Super successful people look at where their beliefs about money come from to make sure those concepts still work in their lives today.  In “The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom”, Suze Orman talks about how early in our childhood most of our controlling beliefs about money are formed. 

You wouldn’t get your financial advice from a 5 year old or even a 15 year old, so why do you make choices based on beliefs you created at the same age?  By the same token, as you know better you do better.  So never get to a point where you just accept things as the way they are.  You always can change your beliefs and opinions as long as you are learning and growing.  

Action Step

Get schooled on asset protection/tax reduction

Protect yourself from lawsuits and stop paying more than your fair share of taxes.  For example, I’m amazed how many people are unaware of the major tax savings available to them by having a simple part time home-based business. For example, a network marketing company you join.  

Jay Mitten, know as the father of asset protection, has the best asset protection program I’ve seen.  It teaches you how to stop paying excess income taxes, legally avoid capital gains tax, how to positions yourself so you aren’t worth suing, how to avoid estate taxes and probate and so much more.  I would highly recommend attending one of their seminars.   For complete information on their program refer to their website at

The best tax program I’ve found for personal and business record keeping and finding legal tax deductions is by Sandy Botkin.  Using both of these programs together will go a long way to protecting your future.    

Super successful people take keeping the money they earn very seriously.  They learned long ago that it’s not what you make, it’s what you keep!  Would you leave the day to day responsibility of taking care of your health to a doctor you see once a year?  Of course not.  So why would you leave your financial health to a bookkeeper or accountant or the person who only prepares your return?  

Being poor and being broke are not the same thing.  Being poor is a mindset while being broke is a temporary financial situation.  Check your attitude to see if you are coming from a position of lack or abundance.  How much money is enough for you?  

Action Step

Write Your Own Financial Affirmations

Be clear on why you want the financial success and what you plan to do with it once you have it.  Start attracting more money today by affirming your financial abundance.  You can use something like, “I am so happy and grateful that all my needs are easily and joyfully met as financial abundance overflows in my life.”  

Lynn Pierce

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