Taking responsibility makes it possible for you to experience the total pleasure of the abundance you achieve.  To fully be responsible you must take responsibility for the good and the seemingly bad in your life, for your positive habits as well as your negative habits. 
Then you take steps to change what doesn’t contribute to your success.  When you take responsibility you experience the accomplishment of your goals at a much higher level than if you only take credit for the good that comes into your life and blame someone else for the rest.

Responsibility is about your personal integrity and the boundaries you have set in your life.  Super successful people are very clear on what they stand for in their lives, as well as what is unacceptable.  Decision-making becomes much easier in your business and personal life when you have this foundation.  

Taking responsibility for what you want your life to look like takes the option of blaming someone else out of the equation.  A great benefit is that it serves to strengthen your resolve and speeds you toward your goals.  It does this by cutting off all the excess baggage that you’ve labeled as other people.  Now it’s all up to you and you make the choices.  Taking responsibility streamlines your process.

Action Step

Create a Personal Manifesto

A manifesto is a series of statements clarifying what you stand for in your life as well as what you won’t stand for.  Having a personal manifesto helps keep you focused on who you are and the purpose of your life.  I created mine as a certificate with a personalized manifesto logo and it’s up on the wall in front of my desk

In life you are either a doer or a blamer.  Blamers make excuses while doers put their money where their mouth is.  Which have you been?  The reason I say have been, is because you can make a decision at any given moment to take responsibility and change the way you’ve been living your life.  Are you achieving what you want or are you blaming someone else for not having achieved your goals?  

The reality is, it’s always been your choice.  Blame allows you to play small, and as Marianne Williamson, author of “A Return to Love” says, your playing small doesn’t serve you or the world.  Take responsibility for being huge!  Be the biggest you that you can be and watch the world respond with super success.

Be able to laugh at yourself. Being responsible isn’t the same as taking things seriously or being stuffy.  It’s much easier to get over something that doesn’t go well when you can laugh at yourself.  Stop taking your life so personally.  Most things that happen are not personal, they just are.  Super successful people know what other people say or do is always about who that person, not about them. 


Action Step  Look at Your Core Beliefs

Are your beliefs empowering you to live your fullest life or are they bogging you down in fear? Changing the way you view yourself creates the biggest changes in your life.  Don't be a victim or a martyr.  Never give up.  Be yourself.  

By Lynn Pierce

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