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Pastor E.A Adeboye decided to have a leisure ride without his driver one evening with his wife in the front seat and a senior pastor of his church in the rear. When they got to a police check point, an Inspector flagged down the car and detailed
a corporal to go check the vehicle particulars.
Pastor Adeboye rolled down the glass window and asked the Corporal, 'Good evening officer, what can we do for you?' As soon as the corporal saw him, he ran back to his boss panting. The Inspector asked him, 'Corporal, anything wrong?' No sir! have you checked his papers? no sir, why not? 'Big man sir', big man! Is he the Governor? Bigger than the Governor, Is he the President? Bigger than that sir..
The Inspector was now very curious and asked, 'then who is he? I think, Jesus Christ Sir", came the reply. The Inspector exclaimed, "Jesus Christ'? yes sir, because his driver is Pastor Adeboye.

Because of the tinted glass, the Corporal did not see who was in the back seat, but concluded that nobody could be so important as to have Pastor Adeboye as his driver, if not Jesus Christ

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