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By dreaming big and setting big goals, an amazing thing happens.   In a very short period of time, you will notice a lot of the goals you thought were huge when you wrote them are starting to manifest.  You achieve more than you ever thought was possible.  If you look at your list of goals a year from now, you’ll be shocked at how many you’re able to cross off your list as accomplished.  You have no idea what you are capable of, so go for it all.

Goals have to be big to be effective. You’ll never achieve greatness by setting small goals.  Make them big enough to be a real challenge, but not so big you feel it’s impossible. Your goals need to be so absolutely clear you can easily explain them to others. When they are clear, you’re focused like a laser.  You need to have a high level of enthusiasm to create the drive and energy to accomplish your goals. 

Add more goals to your list and make them even more outrageous!  What seems out of reach now is not out of reach forever.  Something magical happens when you take what was a dream and commit it to paper and make a plan.  It becomes an achievable goal.  You wouldn’t have the idea in the first place if somewhere inside you, you didn’t already have the capability of achieving it.  Just do it!  What’s the worst thing that could happen?  You can do anything you believe you can.

You grow and expand by setting goals that require you to stretch.  Now break it down to measurable steps.  It’s hard to stay excited about a goal when you can’t see any progress.  

Action Step

Reward Yourself

Set up rewards at different levels of achievement.  Remember to enjoy the whole process. 

The difference between goals and dreams is that goals are clearly defined and you work toward them every day.  Did you know only 3% of people have written goals?  Only 10% of these can tell you what they will be doing five years from now, much less 20.  

Action Step Create Your Goal Card

I have a card that sits at the base of my monitor with my top goals for the year on it.  It’s staring me in the face every minute I spend at my desk.  I have another goal card I carry in my purse, so every time I grab my keys or anything else in that little pocket, I am reminded of my goals.  You should physically take out your goal card and read it out loud at least 4 times a day.  

Earl Nightingale, in “The Strangest Secret”, taught that you are what you think about all day long. You choose what you spend most of your time focused on.  Increasing your awareness of the contents of your self-talk as well as being aware of all the absent-minded mind chatter will help you keep your thoughts positively focused on what you really want.  

Action Step Change Your Vocabulary

Watch for weak words in your vocabulary and exchange them for more empowering words.  Changing language is a simple action that will change how you think about yourself and your life.  Make sure you aren’t spending more time thinking about what you don’t want than what you do.  Remember that what you resist persists because you get what you put your attention on.

Using the goal card I just mentioned insures that several times a day you will be thinking about your goals.  If you have huge goals, and you take steps toward them every day, you have a much better chance of achieving them than just having a vague target in you head.  

You need a concrete, step by step, written plan.  If you need help with the goals process, I have a great goal clarifying process I’d be glad to share with you.  The best part is it’s quick and easy.  You’ll be clear in no time exactly what your top goals are.  

Don’t let yourself be talked out of your goals by negative people.  Have you ever had someone tell you not to do something or that it wasn’t going to work?  So you didn’t do it because you gave someone else the power to tell you what you were or weren’t capable of.  

Do you have something in your life you wish you had gone for, but you let someone talk you out of it?  Has that made you more cautious about whom you tell your goals to?  Some people even decide they can’t be disappointed if they don’t make goals in the first place.  I know that’s you or you wouldn’t be reading this.  Unfortunately that’s exactly what happens to many people before they are even adults.

I told my high school counselor I wanted to be a Realtor and was practically laughed out of his office.  He gave me his list of reasons, which included things like I was too young.  Even though I disagreed with his analysis, he was an authority figure and I went along with what he said.  

I went to school for something I wasn’t interested in and then promptly went into real estate when I turned 22.  For many years I held a grudge about that experience and wondered what my life would have been like if I would have gone into real estate four years earlier.  When someone shoots down your dreams, just remind yourself that you simply were talking to the wrong person.

Only share your goals with people who will be positive and supportive. The more of these people you can find, the more accountable you are.  It speeds up goal achievement for those of us that might procrastinate a little.  As soon as I got the idea for my first book, I told a couple hundred people I was writing a book.  

I was so excited about becoming a writer; I couldn’t help but tell people.  I didn’t think about people constantly asking me how the book is coming, and later, “Is your book finished yet?”  Having to answer to all those people, many of whom I’m sure I never even told, made it easier to finish because I was running out of reasons why it wasn’t done.  At least reasons that made sense.  

One day I realized that telling people was the best thing I could have done for a couple reasons.  First, to be congruent with myself I couldn’t use excuses that weren’t true, although there were times I wished I could have just said, “My dog ate it and I had to start over.”  

Secondly, because I am a person who keeps her word, all the excuses were starting to make me feel uncomfortable.  Something just wasn’t ringing true, even though the reasons I wasn’t finished were plausible.  Who was I trying to convince?  I really needed to look at the real reason I wasn’t finishing.  That, of course, was my own fear.  

Have you ever had this experience with something in your life?  Because of who I am, it was impossible for me to not follow through to completion after I went public.  I would do whatever it took to make it happen because I said I was going to do it.  Does that same motivation make you work like crazy to achieve your goals?  If it doesn’t, what would work for you?  You have to make your personal stake big enough that once you’ve set it, you know you won’t go back.

The way you see your life is due in large part to the goals you set for yourself and how much effort you put towards achieving them.  Your goals serve as a blueprint or guideline for how you function every day and what you spend your time on.  How do you decide if something is a good use of your time if you have no criteria to base it on?  How do you know if you’re heading in the right direction? 

Most people quit when they are 95% of the way to reaching their goals.  Why?  They had no way of measuring where they were, so they just gave up when it took too long or got too hard.  Super successful people have a plan for reflecting on their life so they’re aware of which goals they’re achieving and how quickly.  Do you have a written plan?

Action Step

Write Your Goals Daily

A tip I got from Brian Tracy, author and motivational speaker, is to write your top goals every day without looking at what you wrote the day before. These are your top 3 goals for the future, not a daily to do list.  Write them in the present tense as if they are already manifest and soon they will be.

Action Step

Plan Your Day Ahead

Before ending your working day, set your schedule for the next day.  It gives the business day a sense of completion and relieves your mind of wondering what you have to do tomorrow.  It also helps you to switch gears and be totally present in your personal life.  

You’ll sleep more soundly.  Then while you sleep your subconscious goes to work on your agenda for the next day.  You’ll find by using this system your work goes more quickly and difficulties are easily resolved. 

When you write your list, go back and number your projects with #1 being your highest priority.  In the morning do #1 until it’s finished and then go on to #2 and work on that until it’s finished and go on through your day the same way.

This way you complete your most important tasks every day rather than filling hours with easily accomplished busy work, just to make it look like you’re doing something.

By Lynn Pierce

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