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Episode Two
As they sat hugging each other close, Emily thought about the first time they met.  She was sure he didn't even remember it so well and she hadn't ever imagined falling for him but now she prayed and hoped he never fell out of the love he said he had. She still hadn't said the words back. She only nodded, smiled and kissed him again.
    She was scared this would turn out like the rest but somehow she knew it was different that he was different. He made her want to be a better person,  a different person and annoying as he got, he still remained charming.
     " Sometimes you just want to feel love," He said "And right now if any of my members see me I don't care what they think cause they don't know how you make me feel."
   She smiled. It was a cheesy line like in the Disney kind of way but it was sweet. Her mind raced to three months before,  when she was new at school and confused too.
  She couldn't imagine if there was anything worse than not having friends to direct you and laugh with you.  She looked like an absolute loner and she couldn't talk to anyone  they were all too busy catching up on juicy holiday details with the people they knew.
    First lectures are always the toughest. She got in the wrong crowd and sat in another class for ten long minutes before she realized it wasn't hers.  Hence,  she was tardy on the first day. Clutching her books to her chest with the right hand and holding on to her hand bag with the other she walked into the lecture theatre which packed with people. Some standing, others sitting.  Most people were standing. The noise irked her,  the shrills and laughter from every angle,  the murmuring and whispering and the darts she git from different pairs of eyes. She was late and walking into a room full of people who had no idea who she was was a horrible way to start the semester
      Raising her chin up,  she walked in and slowly made her way to a corner of the room hoping badly that everyone would just forget about her and go back to their unlimited gossiping. Well,  they didn't just yet.  As she walked half praying the ground would open and swallow her up she bumped into someone, a guy. Crazy; her mind wandered off to the very typical movies where a bump into a guy always led to him picking up your books and looking into your eyes and in a few weeks you were both singing and dancing to teenage love song, typical high school musical, but this was far from high school and the scenes didn't play out well.
    The klutz left her to squat over and pick up her books while still receiving the new-girl scrutiny from people. She stood up straight and for no apparent reason, scanned the room. For a moment she thought she was looking for the guy who had bumped into her but she didn't know what he looked like and he had probably gone out the door.
     That was when her eyes met his but just for a brief second before she looked away. The teacher got into the class just then and she hurried to a corner. She thought of those perfectly glazed over brown eyes everyday until a week later when they met again...
. . . . . . .

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