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Joe traveled to California to meet a man Irene; the girl he had met in the pool house the night before directed him to. When he got down from the cab which took him from the airport to the central city area, he went straight for the public phone he could find, to place a call to a popularly known street performer. The call he made went to voice mail....’Oh shit!’ agent Joe murmured, he then went to the address Irene had given him in the pool house  earlier when he had made sure he wrapped his hands around her waist and let his body get satisfied with what he had felt the first time he saw her..’Lust’ he mumbled out loud at the thought of it and giggled.
When he got to the house of the man Irene had directed him to, he stepped on the front door floor mat, he  hesitated a little because; he didn’t know how this man Irene had directed him to was, if he was dangerous or just a normal guy he saw as “civilians”. …’ding dong’ the door bell went off as he pressed on the door bell button. The door opened and agent Joe was startled to see what seemed to be a nerd dressed like a gangster standing right in front of him, it was weird especially for agent Joe because, he had thought it was impossible for a nerd to actually become a gangster guy... ‘What you want?’...The young man asked Joe....’ um I was directed to you by Irene’...Joe replied and immediately the nerd’s face which was frowned and intimidating got lightened up with a smirk. ‘My queen sent you to me?’…he asked Joe. .’Yeah she did’...Joe replied. The nerd invited Joe into the apartment and gave him a cup of coffee since it was cold outside….’must be about a million degrees cold’…Joe said expecting a reply. ’it actually as little as zero degree or lesser that’s why it’s that cold’…the nerd replied. .’Oh nice one Einstein’ Joe teased.
The both of them got to the attic of the apartment and Joe later realized the nerd was smarter than he had previously thought. Out-of-this-world-computers and equipment for hacking and monitoring the data base of top organisation where lying everywhere, Joe wanted to say something because obviously seen by the nerd his mouth was wide open in astonishment but, no word seemed to came out. ..’What’s your name? Joe asked  ...’didn’t get that form Irene?’ the nerd replied  ...’am Sesan, not a common name I know’ he said out loud... ’yeah’. Was the reply he got from Joe, ‘so um, how you are going to help me find my dad?’...Joe asked, the nerd didn’t say anything; he just went and sat at the desk close to the window where you could see most of the city’s view.
The both of them left the apartment without saying anything to each other. Sesan led Joe to another building, this time, this building was more furnished than the one he had met Sesan earlier and had more people in them; nerds just like Sesan, who had piercings and tattoos all over their body. ‘ these are the guys to find your dad, there are the best of the best, we have programmers, hackers, and many more talented individuals in this apartment you see’..Sesan finally answered Joe’s question about findings his father. The both of them went to a guy who looked like a drug addict seated in a corner of the apartment pressing the keys on the keyboard of his computer as if he was in combat with them. Sesan made the guy come with him to a side farther from Joe’s hearing and there stood there for some minutes whispering and nodding heads in confirmation, to Joe, even though Sesan behaves suspicious sometimes, he did not let that divert his focus on finding his father.
When Sesan and the “drug addict of a nerd guy” finished their conversation, the both of them went back to agent Joe who was seated because he had gotten tired of standing, waiting for the both of them to return. ‘How much are you willing to offer?’ the guy who was murmuring with Sesan earlier asked Joe. Joe was so consumed in the idea of avenging his father’s death that he forgot that he had to had money in order to be able to commence the search. He was quiet for some time and finally spoke out ‘I will pay you half now’. ‘Ok we move out tonight’ the guy said.
‘Found them!’...One of the guys in the apartment called out. Sesan went to him to get the details and locations. At midnight, the both of them went to the location which had been triangulated by one of the guys in the apartment earlier. They went into an abandoned ware house which was located in the deserted area of the city, and probably was destroyed by natural forces in the early past. They got to a door in the ware house which seemed to be fasten-locked and rusted. Joe heard murmuring and laughter. Sesan signaled Joe to stay low but, Joe was very anxious to finally catch his father’s murderer. Sesan and the other guys burst open the door and a battle of gun firing began. Joe for the first time realized this was not going to be an easy task as he had thought. The shootings continued for some while and then finally ceased. He heard nothing, there was no sound and it got him worried. ‘Where they all dead?’ he murmured. As he opened the door and got into the room, he didn’t see Sesan and some of his crew, he saw bodies quite alright, dead bodies but no sign of Sesan.
Joe went back to his father’s house feeling empty... ‘Had Sesan and his crew deserted him?’ or were they kidnapped during the fight?’ all these and many mores thoughts went through his mind as he sat on his father’s ‘rocky chair’. Time passed by without smiles and yet Joe did not hear any news of Sesan or his crew members. The apartment where he had met them was totally empty when he checked it out some days ago.
It was a month now that the incidence of gun firing and Sesan’s absence had taken place and Joe was not close to finding a clue as to how everything had taken place. He got up from the chair he had been seating on for what seemed to be hours, he went to the city to try and find some clues. When he got to the city, he visited the warehouse to see if he could still find anybody or clue as to where everyone was, but he didn’t. He took a taxi to a nearby store to get some snacks to eat because; he had not eaten any reasonable food for hours. When he got to a store, he got down from the taxi and paid the driver and suddenly, something captured his attention; someone who looked like Sesan had diverted eye sights and started walking fast when agent Joe sensed it. Joe started following the man-figure. The figure seemed to be increasing its pace and started running; Joe ran after him and finally, caught up with the figure. When he dragged the figure aside to see the face of the person, it was an old woman who cursed back at him because of how roughly he handled her  ...’Sorry mam’... He replied and dashed off searching and confused. Then, he sighted Sesan running to the underground subway, he dashed after him and got hold of him in the passenger waiting zone in the underground subway. At first, he didn’t know what to do; he didn’t know what to do to him; whether he should beat him up or just begged for some explanations.
Sesan explained everything to Joe as Joe threatened to beat him up really bad if he didn’t get an explanation; they both had coffee in a café while the conversation went on. …’ so you sold out?’...Joe asked annoyed; hitting his fist on the counter....’ no I didn’t, am just doing what benefits us both”...Sesan replied ‘so you call backing outta a fight and abandoning me clueless a benefit to both of us? More like to you”... Joe said back this time, more annoyed, ‘it doesn’t matter now does it’ Sesan said and tried getting up but, Joe held him by the hand and pulled him back to the stool he was sitting on. ‘You’re gonna tell me where my dad’s murderer is and how to find him. I don’t care if your guys chickened out like the weaklings y‘all are’ Joe retorted.
Sesan took Joe to a new hide-out where he and his crew lodged now. When Sesan got into the apartment with Joe, the crew murmured in annoyance and one of them questioned Sesan out loud, ‘what is he doing here?’Sesan was about to answer when Joe stepped out as if ready for a fight and said, ‘y’all do what you good at’...The guy approached Joe and punched him on the mouth and shouted at him ‘ that’s for not watching your mouth’. Joe pounced on the guy and a fight broke out, Joe received countless blows and uppercut but nothing compared to the beating he gave the member, he was about to kill him with a rope which was already choking him when the crew members came to separate the two of them.

Sesan and Joe set out early the next day in the morning with some of the crew members in search of Joe father’s murderer. They got to an army barracks which seemed to be empty although, far away from civilization. When they got there, Sesan gave his men the signal to spread out and they did like lions coordinating and attack and stalking its prey in the wild. They searched most of the areas but couldn’t find anyone or clue on what they wanted. ‘ are you sure there…..’ Joe didn’t complete his question when gun shots were heard being fired at them from a tower in front of them. They all ran for cover and a gun battle started. While this was going on, Sesan and Joe went into a building close to the tower which seemed to be where the rebels shooting at them where coming from. ‘Your father’s murderer must be there’ Sesan said. Joe and Sesan ran into the building making sure they avoided any contact with the stray bullets flying in the air because of the gun battle going on.
. . . . . . . 
To be continued next week Friday

By Joseph Jacobs

About  Me
Joseph Jacob is a Nigerian from Kogi state born in September 9, 1998, he lives in Kubwa-Abuja and an aspiring student to one of the best Federal Universities in Nigeria; Federal University of Technology, Minna (FUTMINNA). He is the second child of a family of six (6) children and the first son of the family.
He won several awards during his Junior Secondary school days such as; best in mathematics, best in physics and so forth. He is also an opportunistic and well devoted person with a focus of a future where we can express ourselves and imaginations into reality.

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