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When they got into the ware house where they knew the rebels where, they came across several of them marching forward toward the area they where, and hid themselves in order not to be spotted. When the army of rebels had marched past, they got up, and ran to the direction they felt was safe and just then, when Joe was over stepping his boundaries, Sesan pulled him back to avoid the two armed rebels who were guarding a door from spotting him. One of them looked towards the direction as if, he had heard something suspicious but looked away. Sesan and Joe coordinated a plan and took out the guards, they both smiled at each other and hesitated before hitting the door open to find an old man well dressed, decently smiling and looking at them... ‘he is British’ Joe thought. ‘Welcome! I have been waiting for you’ the old man said gesturing at Joe.
‘Thank you Dan’ he said referring to Sesan and just then, when Joe was about to look back at Sesan for an explanation, Sesan knocked him unconscious with a pistol he had had with him all the time; neatly tucked in behind his shirts. When Joe woke up from his unconsciousness, he felt weak; not because he had lost some piles of blood from the wound the pistol had tattooed behind his head but, because he didn’t understand why Sesan or as he was called Dan would do what he did. He was in a small prison which seemed to be used to cage pigs in the past because of the droppings he saw and smelled around him. Sesan came by later on with a smirk on his face and also holding his pistol on his hand this time. ‘Surprise, surprise, surprise!’ he said to Joe grinning a devilish smile, ‘what did you think Joe? That things could always go your way? I expected that you would realize this before now; that I wasn’t helping you find your father’s murderer, I was leading you to his trap! Hmmm seemed you’re not as smart as I thought of you. You see everyone’s best friend is his enemy Joe. Everything was planned out well; the girl you met at the pool room, you meeting me and the gun firing that led to my disappearance! Even I letting you to find me and catch up to me in the subway; it was all part of the plan. Pathetic, Pathetic, Pathetic that’s how you look Joe. I have been told to finish you off by my boss but, he said to let you know of some history you didn’t know of agent! ; Your dad was once a rebel just like me you see, he was the best at what he did; going for missions, he never disappointed my boss. He was made second in charge of all the things my boss owned, he had everything Joe! But then, he decided to be ungrateful, he wanted to quite the job after some while but you see Joe, with this kind of job, there’s no retirement. Your dad was told not to make this decision but, he said he had to because of you, he felt guilty of being the reason you joined a squad. By the way Joe, “THE BOYS ARE BACK” was your squad right? Well guess what! They worked for my boss too, and that’s why when you left your squad cowardly like the way your dad left my boss’s, he sent your own squad guys to murder your dad because; like it or not the only way to exit this society, is by death!’…Joe was speechless he only cursed in pain and finally said out loud in pain ‘you monster!! I promise to kill you and your boss; slowly, painfully till you beg me to finish you off!!’ Sesan let out a loud laugher and asked ‘how are you going to do that Joe?’ Joe smirked with his bloody mouth and said ‘you see, an agent always makes himself look stupid and not alert of what is going on around him. You see, while you were putting your plans to action, I had already planned everything Sesan, you see you hair? Check it well and tell me what you find in it. A tracker! that’s right!! There’s no escaping your fate now Sesan, my men are already here for you!’ just then, and explosion took off the walls of the prison cell and some armed men in military uniforms got in and shot Sesan on his left leg when he was about shooting. Sesan was hand cuffed and carried to the van they brought with them and Joe was released.
Days later when Joe had recovered from his wounds and could think straight, he went to see Sesan in prison and also his father’s murderer. Unfortunately, he could only see his father’s murderer dead body; the military men had shot him to the chest when he shot one of them during the operation three nights ago. Although Joe had promised to torture Sesan, he was restrained to do so due to government policies on that. Joe finally left the prison cell after having a conversation with Sesan and seeing his father’s murderer finally dead. He walked away with a peace in his heart, one he had never felt before; he had finally avenged his father’s death and he felt more proud of himself.


By Joseph Jacobs

About  Me
Joseph Jacob is a Nigerian from Kogi state born in September 9, 1998, he lives in Kubwa-Abuja and an aspiring student to one of the best Federal Universities in Nigeria; Federal University of Technology, Minna (FUTMINNA). He is the second child of a family of six (6) children and the first son of the family.
He won several awards during his Junior Secondary school days such as; best in mathematics, best in physics and so forth. He is also an opportunistic and well devoted person with a focus of a future where we can express ourselves and imaginations into reality.

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