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Episode Three
It was almost thirty minutes to the end of the lecture. Emily was glad she was had been able to make a few friends, true they weren't in anyway the same but they provided good company. It was better than nothing. They never talked about things she related well to,so most if the time she just smiled and pretended to listen.
    She was feigning an interested smile and nodding at something they were saying when he came over to meet her. She felt someone tap her back and turned around to look into his big brown eyes.
    " Hi." He said smiling goofily and sat on the empty seat in front of her. " We don't know each other, not yet but we will." A slight pause then. " My name's Daniel,your name's Emily. You write and looking at you, you're a Ted Dekker fan,  Grisham too. Care to add more to the list?"
     Emily raised her brow at him and gave a slight smile but frowned again. " And you know this how?"
     " So you admit am right? " He said still grinning widely. Emily dropped her doodling pen and shifted her attention to this brown eyed imp who knew something about her. Conversation with a stranger was surely better than listen to her acquaintances bicker about some insignificant talk.
    " Of course you are right. Because someone has given you my profile and now you think you know me. It was Rhea wasn't it?" She said smiling knowingly.
       He gave a hearty laugh and shook his head. " I do not know this Rhea you speak of."
   " Indeed. " Emily said and went back to doodling,blocking the voices of her new girlfriends and waiting for Daniel to say something.
      " Yes, it was Rhea." He said at last.
Emily looked up. "I'm gonna kill her." She said.
      " Oh please don't,she didn't....."
Emily cut him off with a laugh and said giggling. " I'm joking. "
    They were silent for a while again until she spoke head still bent over doodling. "Daniel, right? "
     " Yeah." He said stretching a little to see the crowded page of her notebook. " I do that too you know, doodle. It's pretty fun."
   Emily smiled but said nothing. She finally looked up and asked. " So what's up?"
    " Nothing much,school work...."
    " I meant you coming to me. There's got to be a reason my name popped up in your convo with Rhea."
     "Oh ,yeah. I need a writer. You see am writing this book and I need...."
     " Emily,we're off. " One of her acquaintances said. For a moment she contemplated staying back to listen to Daniel but decided against it.
   " I have to go. Let's talk some other time." She said hurriedly packing her things.
   "OK,can I get your number then?" He asked handing her a pen with a small smile. She shook her head at his goofiness, wrote the number down and dashed off without a good bye.
   One week and Daniel didn't call. She wondered why he didn't call but most importantly,she wondered why she cared. She didn't even know the guy yet she kept anticipating a call from an odd number,glancing at her phone all day. She finally dialled Rhea to talk.
   " Hey girl, what's up? " She said into the phone. A groggy Rhea yawned and muttered her greetings. Rhea and Emily had been friends for a while and other than the new acquaintances,she was the only one Emily could relate to but that could hardly be done. Rhea had gotten to school a long time before she resumed and being the bubbly,loud girl she was,she had a lot of friends and was always walking amongst people Emily never knew so she preferred sticking with her new buddies.
    " You know a Daniel in our class yeah? "
    " I know a lot of Daniels Emily." Rhea said over the phone.
    Of course, Emily thought rolling her eyes. " I mean the one you told about me."
    " I don't remember... " She started to say then: " Ohhh, Danny. Yeah,what's up with him?"
   " What did he want?" Emily asked biting her nails.
    " I really don't know, all I know is it had something to do with writing and a book I guess. " They talked some more recounting old times and laughing at them. Rhea promised to get through to him, Emily said her thanks and hung up.
    It was then she remembered. " I've seen that goofy goof somewhere. " She thought hard and ohhed when it finally came to her. She slowly recollected her first day at school and the big brown eyes that had met with hers and locked for a few minutes. She smiled and reached under her pillow for her journal. With a sleek black pen reserved only for that purpose, she began to write.
. . . . . . .

By Tammy Lawal

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