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One of the most important factors in creating opportunities is to hold the belief that the universe is a place of unlimited abundance.  If you believe that opportunities are overflowing in your life on a daily basis, you are open to receiving all the universe has to offer.  

On the other hand, if you believe abundance is a pie and if one person takes a big piece, there isn’t enough left for you, you will never achieve super success.  Opportunities don’t come to you when you are living in a state of mind dominated by fear and lack.

Make a commitment to yourself to be open to things showing up from unexpected sources and in unconventional ways.   I have made this a cornerstone of my life.  Incredible things have happened for me since I have adopted the “open to anything coming into my life” attitude.  So many, in fact, that I could write a book about all the opportunities I’ve manifested by having this attitude.  

I’m telling you…this is huge.  Don’t limit yourself by only accepting opportunity if it looks exactly the way you expected.  Be specific about what you want, but not attached to the package it shows up in or who delivers it.  

God always has a much bigger dream for you than what you have for yourself.  By being too attached to the outcome, you limit the true abundance available to you.  I remind myself of this with the phrase, “This or something better.”  The better is usually something totally beyond my conception.

I’ll give you a personal example.  I recently applied for a protégé program that I really wanted to be a part of very much.  There were hundreds of people trying to get one of ten openings.  After an initial phone interview, I filled out a lengthy application and waited to hear from the approval committee.  

When I heard back from them that I was accepted, I was shocked and surprised to find it wasn’t for the primary project I was working on, it was for something on the application I hadn’t even given a second thought to.  I was just answering all the questions.

Little did I know this other business expertise I have is in high demand in the marketplace now and they want me to develop a product around it.  This knowledge is so natural to me, it’s like breathing.  I would have never imagined it could make me a multi-millionaire!  

I would have totally missed the opportunity to provide a great service to people, not to mention the opportunity to make a fortune, if I was so focused on my current project I wasn’t open to looking in another direction.

I understood I needed to be flexible and open to unexpected opportunities that may show up looking a little or a lot different than I had expected.  I said I would be more than willing to take my current product and reposition it for another market.  I wasn’t attached to the title.  

It was shocking to find that many times, someone given an opportunity like this says no because they’re so invested in what their opportunity is going to look like that they convince themselves this isn’t it. These are the same people who sit around wondering why they have such bad luck that things just don’t happen for them!  

Opportunities for greatness require you to be unattached to the outcome.  This example also brings to light the fact that many times you don’t see your own special talents as clearly as others do because to you they are just a part of who you are.  You r mentors see more in you than you see in yourself.

If you ask super successful people if they are leading the life they were meant to live, what do you think their answer would be?  Yes, of course!  Are you living the life you are meant to?  What would you be doing differently if you knew you only had one year to live?  Why aren’t you already doing it?  What are you waiting for?

One of the easiest ways to create opportunities is through effective networking and mastermind groups.  Networking groups exist in nearly every city.  If you live somewhere that you can’t find one, that’s no excuse for not networking.  Start your own group!  Then you have the luxury of picking all the members personally.

Action Step Create a Mastermind Group

When creating a mastermind group, look for like-minded individuals with similar goals and values to yours.  Ultimately, you want to mastermind with people that are already where you want to be.  It’s not necessary that you have members in the same industry.  

If you are clear on what your needs are and what challenges you want help with, you will be amazed at the resources you’ll find in a good mastermind group.  You’ve now created a network of all of the member’s spheres of influence as well, not just the people in your group.  

Acting your way into a new way of being is a powerful tool.  I can’t say enough about the value of taking time each day to visualize your life the way you want it to be.  

Don't ask yourself “why” questions.  Ask how and what, they will give you much more powerful answers.  The best question I can ask you to help you get the opportunities you want is, “If I was an all powerful being in your field and I could solve any 3 problems for you, what would they be? 
What could I help you achieve?”   

I learned this question from Lori Prokop, best selling author and my mentor.  If you find yourself responding with, “I don’t know”, my next question to you is, “I know you don’t know, but if you did know, what would it be?”  Use the answers you come up with to create a powerful statement of what you are currently working to achieve. 

Action Step Visualize Your Dream Life

This visualization is similar to the dream home process we did in Secret #4.  Close your eyes and take a deep breath.  Take yourself to the dream life you are living 5 years from now.  What does your dream life look like?  

Focus on where the opportunities you’ve created for yourself in those five years have taken you.  Experience fully what those opportunities have manifested in your life.  Look around you now and see the material manifestation of your success.  What things have you surrounded yourself with?  

Are you driving the car of your dreams?  Do you have the latest electronic equipment?  Have you taken vacations to exotic places?  Are you wearing expensive clothes and jewelry?  Do you collect original art?  What are you doing with your money now?

Remember each opportunity that has taken you through these last five years to get you to the pinnacle of super success you are at now.  How do you feel about yourself?  Are you proud of yourself for what you have accomplished?  

Did you acknowledge your fears and go forward anyway?  How have these accomplishments changed who you have become?  What have these opportunities allowed you to contribute to the world and the people who are important to you?  

Look around and see what you have been able to manifest because of the opportunities you created for yourself.  Where do you go from here?  Spend a few minutes in the middle of all your accomplishments planning your next opportunity. 

By Lynn Pierce 

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