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Learn from your mistakes. It may not be the most fun way to learn, but super successful people turn lemons into lemonade by finding the positive lesson in everything that happens.  Always be learning.  The more you continue your education, the fewer mistakes you will make and the quicker you will know how to correct them.

Read a minimum of one book a month on a subject you want to learn more about.  Read at least one magazine or newsletter a month to stay on the cutting edge of your profession.  Just imagine how different your life will be a year from now when you have read and implemented this additional information.  What would that level of information do for your ability to be an intelligent risk taker?

Implementing is the key.  Reading the book may be intellectually stimulating, but you’re wasting your time if there is no practical application that follows.  A good tip for getting more out of your reading is to read and take notes as if you had to go out and teach the material when you finish.  
You learn on a much deeper level every time you do.
Be flexible, resourceful and resilient.  Super successful people respond creatively and imaginatively by seeing the big picture.  They are able to bounce back from resistance rather than be broken by it.  Think outside the box by being flexible enough to look at other perspectives and options.  

Greatness comes from continuing through to the finish in the face of resistance. Flexibility gives you the power to return to your center.  Your personal manifesto keeps you focused on who you are and what your purpose is.  

Get expert advice and then follow your own intuition. Let me tell you what happened to me when I didn’t follow this advice.  Almost 20 years ago a respected person in my community was involved in a gold mining investment.  They said they had gotten a lot of money out of it in the previous year.  I had a gut feeling that something wasn’t right, but I dismissed it because they knew more about this kind of thing than I did.   

It was my first investment and it was substantial.  I trusted this person and felt even better about it when I found out a couple of my coworkers were investing as well.  Based solely on their recommendation, and doing no research on my own, I invested.  Long story short, about a year later, I received a letter from a government agency telling me the whole thing was a scam.  I was so embarrassed and felt so stupid, I never told anyone (except for you).  

These days I have a much different investment strategy.  I highly recommend spending the money to be mentored by an expert.  Every new thing I’ve learned in the last few years I have taken the time and spent the money to be mentored by an expert.  In the end I have saved immeasurable time and tons of money!  Now I have profits instead of losses.

Mentors are invaluable.  There is no such thing as a selfmade millionaire.  Everyone has help.  You can go a long way toward super success with books and tapes.  Eventually you will want to have mentors that you communicate with and interact with on a regular basis.  There are great mentors in your hometown. 

Action Step

Take a Millionaire to Lunch

Ask someone you admire to tell you how he or she achieved his or her success.  You may be surprised to find how willing they would be to pass on what they have learned from their mentors to you.  

An attitude of openness to possibility is essential.  Keep your eyes and ears open and have enough faith in yourself to make quick decisions and go for it.  Don’t ever be afraid to pay someone for their knowledge.  

The rewards you reap in saving years of trial and error, not to mention the strong possibility you may have never learned what they are willing to teach you, is more than worth the investment.

It’s a good idea to associate with the people who are already where you want to go.  Only listen to people who have big goals for themselves and are willing to do what it takes to be successful.  Don’t make the mistake of asking someone for advice who hasn't done what you plan to do.  

By Lynn Pierce 

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