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One of the ways to get motivated is by using external incentives such as materials you can gain, or the environment’s effects on you.

But the problem of using these motivational tools is that they only provide temporary motivation and it requires consistent incentive to do it.

If you don’t see any incentive, you will not be motivated to do it.

It’s like, you give a bone to a dog to perform the tricks you want, but if you do not give or have any bones, the dog won’t be motivated to perform anymore. 

Which again, will stop your motivation if there are no more external incentives to look forward to. That’s why I don’t quite like this method because it’s very ‘addictive’ for material gain.

The best motivation is by using your internal motivation. This does not require any external gain, but getting the intangible benefits. Intangible benefits are something that you cannot see like knowledge, experience, hope, health, etc.

Again, we will be using pain and pleasure in this strategy to get motivated.

Let me give you an example. 

Let’s say, there is a business opportunity presented to you by a friend. It could be a MLM (Multi Level Marketing) business or anything.

The incentive is pretty obvious, to make more money and have more time to enjoy your life or your family.

But, that’s money. Something that is tangible. Something you can touch and see immediately. Now, you should use that as a good motivator. But here is how you can get even better motivation by using pain and pleasure.

Let’s use the pleasure method first. 

With this new business opportunity, you will be able to quit or work less at your pressure-filled work (I assume you have a tough job).
You will need to see the benefits for the long term as well, meaning that you see the future ahead and don't focus on the immediate pleasure only. And there MUST be internal satisfaction to get you motivated to the maximum from the action that you want to take.

The money alone is already a very good motivator. But there must be more than just money to motivate you. You’ll need to see what the money can bring for you, so that it can be an internal motivation. 

Like, with that amount of money you get, you can put your children in a better college for their future education.

Hhmmm….with more money, you can make more charity contributions to the church or whichever charity fund you want.

You know what you want. I don’t know what unique benefits you see in getting more money. But look at what the money can do for you, and you will be motivated to take action to make it happen.

Here are a few hints:

1.    Improve health

2.    have quality time with family

3.    buy the things you always dreamed of

4.    have a vacation to relax

5.    donate to a charity organization

If you use pain, 

This is how it’s going to work:

You have to feel the pain internally. What are you losing out on if you skip this business opportunity that’s in front of you.

The way to get motivated by pain is just the opposite of gaining pleasure, but avoiding pain is a more powerful motivator.

Imagine, if you don’t take up this business opportunity, your children will not have the best education that they deserve.

Or you will not be able to drive in your dream car.

Or you will always have to admire those rich friends of yours that have the money to take their family for a wonderful vacation.

Or, the worst pain you can feel is that your wife or girl friend or boyfriend will have to suffer with you because of insufficient money to spend or lack of quality time to be together. 

I don’t know about you, but my worst pain is seeing my loved ones suffering from pain because of me. My most important motivation is to make sure that my loved ones will have a wonderful life for loving me unconditionally. 

They deserve to be treated that way.

Do you feel the pain when someone you love has to have a hard time because he/she loves you?

I sure do. I will instantly take action if I can see the pain beyond now, beyond today. Imagine the pain for the next month or the years to come if you’re not motivated to do anything.

This is the best way for you to get motivated instantly; it only takes a few minutes to exercise your thoughts to do this. 

It’s simple….just think of the practical consequences in pain or pleasure if you don’t take immediate action. It will motivate you to do it if you know how to use the power of your thoughts positively.

I have used it, and use it everyday to make decisions. If I can do it, I’m sure you can do it as well, because I am just an ordinary human being, just like you. The only difference is, I use the tools that I teach you here. The tools help me to be motivated every day. 

By Patric Chan

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