Bowen Got Talent 2018 comes back bigger and better for the fifth time in 2018. This year’s quarter finals seems to be highly competitive than the previous. According to Teslim Olurin (C.E.O of Paramount Empire), this particular edition will be more competitive than any other in the last three years.

 The show was anchored by Akinkunolie Korede, a 300l Mass communication student.There was a brief introduction and recognition before the contestants performed. The Judges present were Dr. Fawole and an experienced tutor in BGT, Mr. Ibukun Okedigba.

There were live performances from 30 contestants ranging from music to dance, poetry and instrumentals. The show started 30 minutes behind schedule but it proved to be a wonderful experience.

The first performance was a duet and it was definitely not the best for the day, but it was a good start for better things ahead.

The first contestant to win the judges' hearts earned a standing ovation for the evening and he was an  act from 100l CMA, Chidi. His great performance ushered in a better atmosphere at the event centre

Regardless of the inconsistency of the sound system, some of the acts proved to be exceptional by the passionate display of their talents. The best dance act for the event was  identified by the viewers as the DNA dance group. Members of this group are no new act to BGT. They made appearance in the 2016 edition and earned themselves a spot at the finals. The group’s African dance styles were so intriguing with the Shoki, Azonto, Gwara Gwara and the street’s very own Shaku Shaku.

The best music act for the evening was controversial. Acts like Elsie, Bayo Philips, Bisola, Naomi and Chidi proved great and they earned their way to the semi-final.  Joseph of the English department showed the potency of words in his performance. He captivated the audience with mind blowing messages, even though he was faced with criticism from the judges.

Jesse, who Performed "Company" by Justin Bieber was an individual who lightened up the air with his great sense of humour. You may be wrong to call this guy a singer, it is preferable to call him a performer. He combined every element of talent that he possesses to woo the crowd. There are other honourable mentions like CSJ, April, Barida, Oyinkasola, Adeola, Inioluwa, Victoria, Amira Michael, Ronke, Victor, Seyi Ade, Ogunsanya, Naomi. Elsie performed a rare style of music by exhibiting immense creativity in her opera performance which she received credit for. Bayo Philips displayed what an aspiring doctor can offer his patients with the strong vocals and a mash up of different songs.

Every performer has been able to give their best but 20 were selected to proceed to the semi-finals. If you are anxious to identify the faces of the finalists, I bet you will not want to miss the semi-finals which holds on 7th of April 2018 and it promises to be a better one.

By Ogunleye Oluwakorede

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