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Is it the sun that sets in your heart
Or the moon that rises on your feet
That flames this heart of mine
With love and emotions?
Abike òmó ADEDOKUN,
Your smile dazzles
Like a silver lining in the blue sky
And your laughter –
A lyric to tame a wild heart.
At your sight I wallow in thoughts,
Has Orisa Osun
The goddess of beauty and love
Descended in human flesh
Or just nature in her perfection?
Every king deserves a queen,
For a queen makes a complete king,
Take my hand
And we shall build a kingdom of love.
I am the slave boy that
Calms the Oba's heart with my flute
I am the sweet voice that sings your oriki
With the birds in the bush.
I am the unseen hand that caresses you to sleep,
The one that rests a troubled heart
With sweet lullabies and songs of hope.
Do not despise me in my rags,
For in it I am contented,
Do not look for cowries in my pocket,
For penury has left nothing in it but holes.
I shall send my words to the king,
If my head be cut off for the wishes of my heart,
Then I shall die with smiles on my lips
For out of bravery
Come the wishes of a slave before the king.

By Adedokun Ifeoluwa

About Me
I'm a person who is positive about every aspect of life. There are many things I like to do and experience. I like to  write although I'm a commercial student, I like to read, I like to dream, I like to see the sunset in the morning and moonlight at night, I like to smile and also wish to be a great writer. If you are interested in knowing more about me, read my poem and take a look at my pictures.

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