OUR WAYS - BY ARINOLA ADEGBITE - Welcome to My Woven Words


You swallowed everything
Including our memories.
Remember my tears
They will trigger you to fear
My stare will haunt you
It won’t let you through.
Solemnly I girdled sorrow
You clung to desire.
Sadness stunned me,
Silently you wreaked me.
I’m homeless,
I’m hopeless,
I’m helpless
I dont want to be emotionless!
I am desperate to be saved.
Don’t cage me,
I might turned to ashes
in the power of Your flame.
Instead let’s become a distance
Memory to each other.

By Adegbite Arinola

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As a Poet, I don't want anything but a place in everyone's heart.
  Love you all

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